Award ARISTEIA for the research program

The research project «Study, Analysis and Processing of worldview-2 satellite Imagery, for evaluating the energy efficiency of the urban area of Thessaloniki, Greece», the A. Stamou, who was part of the doctoral thesis supervisor Prof.Petros Patias excelled in international contest 8-Band Research Challenge.

The work was awarded to the bidder Digital-Globe 8-Band Research Challenge, 2010, among 600 proposals submitted.
The Satellite WorldView-2, is the first high-resolution satellite with 8 channels of multispectral receiver. With the launch of the new generation of high-resolution satellites, documented the comparative advantage of the use of satellite data in managing the urban environment and to further improve sustainability.

At the same time, it became clear that new approaches needed to process them as the classic treatment methods prove inadequate.

In this paper:

Exploited the eight new channels of multispectral receiver for creating rules and normalized indicators, with a view to a detailed analysis of the urban environment, and assess the effect of morphological parameters in the configuration of bioclimatic footprint tissue.
It is made using experimental techniques for measuring and calculation of the parameters of roughness of the urban fabric, the air flow type, the permeability of the temperature variation and the incident solar radiation.
Developed an innovative methodology for the utilization of the building stock by using photovoltaic systems, and then calculating the energy gain that can bring.