eMMCA – Virtual Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art

Title: Development of the virtual museum of MMCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece)

The virtual museum is accessible via the internet by providing a collection of digital objects that are logically connected to each other and reproduce traditional communication and inter-activity methods with the guests according to their needs and interests. No real space and the information in it can be spread around the world. The accuracy and detail, the high degree of freedom of movement and the user-friendly interface designed to give the virtual visitor the feeling of being present in the virtual environment, with the aim to make society of museum experience, to touch his aesthetic sensibilities , to entertain him, but also to contribute to learning and then to make him visit the actual MMCA.

Dimensional objects of various materials (paper, glass, metal, etc.) were digitized using laser scanners and can be accessed from the virtual guest in stunning quality. The museum spaces are presented in three-dimensional panoramic format and the visitor has the opportunity to tour the permanent exhibition process the artwork and take a range of information about them.

Moreover, three-dimensional virtual spaces and full three-dimensional digital collection of the museum is available to virtual visitors to be “edited” his personal report.

Over 20 scientists from different disciplines (specialists in the three-dimensional mapping and modeling, in computing, databases, museologists, etc.) worked together to create the e-MMCA and scientific responsibility was Professor of AUTH Mr. Petros Patias.