3D Laser Scanner – Cyclops Polifemus Cave, Maroneia

The choice of Cyclops Polifemus Cave was based on its historical significance  as according to archaeologists there is evidence of its use since prehistoric times. The myth under stories is telling that Polyphemus’s blindness caused by Odysseus.

Cyclops Cave is located in the prefecture of Rodopi at municipality of Maroneia. The entrance of the cave is not accessible by car, only via a path it is entrance. The cave  has height 1.70m followed by a steep downhill path that leads to main sections of the cave. There are two rooms separated by a large spacer column. The room on the left side of the path is where the excavations are taken place.

A long-range laser mapping system with Trimble GS200 have been used to survey the cave. Two types of targets used with automatic recognition such as sticky targets and spheres with reflective covering. Also for data collection had used station points to construct the data cloud with less of correction.

The deliverables of project were vertical intersections of total24m length and 27m width in a 6m height. A video also is available.