The Keros Research Project – Cycladic Early Bronze Age

Title: The Keros Research Project, 2008. Investigating the international spirit of the Cycladic Early Bronze Age.

Purpsose: Photogrammetric documentation and digital representation of excavations at Keros island in the Cyclade. An autonomous UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle)-helicopter, equipped with a digital camera, was used for the photogrammetric documentation of the study area. The camera mounted to the helicopter was the 10.1 Mpixel (3888 x 2592) Canon EOS D400. For the production of the final orthophotos 1:500 in study areas, images acquired from an average flight height of 20meters corresponding to an average image scale of 1:2000.

All the strips of images in both study areas were acquired with approximately 60 % overlap along and 30 % overlap across the strips. A NextEngine scanner was used to scan 6 pre history Cycladic figurines with a dimensional accuracy detail of 127 μm and a grid of 63.5 μm.

3D models of high detail were created, using Geomagic Studio 10 software to produce photorealistic texturing, in order to identify traces in the figurines surface that can give hinds to archaeologists about their usage.