RC Helicopter System

Title: Unmanned aerial photography system, RC Helicopter System.

Funding: Scholarship of Heraclitus and School of Rural & Surveying Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Objective: To establish the system inexpensive aerial photography, for measuring and thematic documentation urban and suburban space.

The unmanned helicopter model is the company VARIO and has capacity of eight (8) kilograms.


Length 1.39 m
Width 0.15 m
helix opening 1.53 m
Weight 5.10 Kgr

Dependence and making basis:

At the bottom of the helicopter has positioned the base dependency of photographic equipment. For cushioning developed during the flight, the base is connected to the chassis of the helicopter through the silicone sheet.

It can be customized digital camera and a wireless mini-camera for the digital camera screen observation during the flight.

Through a TV card that plugs into a laptop (laptop), the image taken by the mini-camera is transferred to the screen. Thus, the working group monitors real-time soil objects that can be photographed.

A servo loaded in dependence basis and is in contact with the camera shutter button, allowing the collection of images once the position of the helicopter meets all requirements.

Some of the components are: Novarossi C60H4T machine, remote control Futaba T7CP, Futaba GY401 gyro, servo Futaba S3151 / S9253, etc.