Mobile Mapping system

How it works

A complete solution for data collection with the laser data acquisition method, the photogrammetric 3D and data processing with stereoscopic 3D GIS interface for fast data collection. The system uses the latest laser scanner technology, cameras, odometer, inertial and satellite navigation. It is a very quick and low-cost capture methodology, while achieving a high level of accuracy.

Technical Specifications

  • GPS/INS Novatel SPAN (IMU 100Ηz)
  • Scanner laser Leica HDS6200
    – measuring rate 79m.
    – accuracy 5mm/ 25m.
  • Odometer
  • 6 Digital cameras κάμερες
  • Software for system calibration and data processing
  • Software for data LIDAR and ESRI ArcGIS (ArcGDS for MLS)
  • Control workstation


  • Topography (data for 2D and 3D)
  • Transportation (highways, road infrastructure, railways, airports)
  • Urban mapping and modeling of monuments, buildings and facades
  • Cartography to address the risk of floods
  • Direct recording of disasters to address them
  • Surveying of forest lands and timber volume calculation
  • Imprinting power lines and pipelines
  • Analysis of visual contact between selected points
  • Calculation of earth volumes, vertical alignment and cross sections
  • Create DTM
  • Virtual reality and digital tour