3D Mapping of the historical center of Nicosia, Cyprus


Title: Mapping of Buildings FACADES’ at the Historical Centre of Nicosia, Cyprus and creating a Preservation Information System Funding:Municipality of Nicosia, Cyprus Purpose: The scope of this project was the creation of such 2D drawings and rectified images of cultural buildings’ façades. Additionally, a survey of the general area of the buildings[…]

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The Keros Research Project – Cycladic Early Bronze Age


Title: The Keros Research Project, 2008. Investigating the international spirit of the Cycladic Early Bronze Age. Purpsose: Photogrammetric documentation and digital representation of excavations at Keros island in the Cyclade. An autonomous UAV (Unmanned aerial vehicle)-helicopter, equipped with a digital camera, was used for the photogrammetric documentation of the study[…]

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Galerios Arch in Thessaloniki


Laser Scanner use for data processing of the Galerios Arch in Thessaloniki The arch or triumphal arch of Galerius, known today as “Kamara”. It is in its original form of an eight gate with four massive central pillars, 4 the secondary side, and as many bows low spheroidal dome. Nowadays two[…]

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eMMCA – Virtual Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art


Title: Development of the virtual museum of MMCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece) The virtual museum is accessible via the internet by providing a collection of digital objects that are logically connected to each other and reproduce traditional communication and inter-activity methods with the guests according to their needs[…]

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3D mapping of the Roussanou Monastery, Meteora


Title: 3D mapping Roussanou Monastery, Meteora Trikala Greece Description:  The abbey of Roussanou in Meteora, perfecture of Trikala is a protected monument of UNESCO world heritage since 1988. The aim of the surveying of the Roussanou monastery , was a remote assemply of colored 3D point cloud, which derived from Laser scanner’s[…]

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