Perslab organized workshops for Cultural Monuments and for practical application of software.

Workshop “Methods Impression Cultural Monuments”

The laboratory of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing in collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Program for Graduate Studies, Faculty of Engineering, Aristotle University of Thessaloniki, organized  the workshop on “Methods Impression Cultural Monuments” in the context of the series of seminars  IPP -” Protection Conservation and Restoration of Cultural Monuments “of the Polytechnic School of the Aristotle University .

The aim of the seminar was to familiarize participants with the modern means of imprinting of Cultural Monuments and enhance their capabilities through a wide range of specific applications.

The course was designed and targeted mostly freelancers and employees related services and agencies with little or no experience in relevant subjects and consisted of the following topics and corresponding eight small groups work:

  • Topographic survey sided architecture
  • Survey Monument with Laser Scanner
  • Mapping and digitizing building facades using single image and polyeikonikis Photogrammetry
  • Imprinting statue with Laser Scanner
  • Imprinting compartment with Micro Laser Scanner
  • Create orthophoto archaeological sites and historical settlements, using aerial photographs.
  • Create orthophoto archaeological sites and historical settlements, using satellite images. Spectral processing for locating buried structures.


Workshop “Remote Sensing and Satellite Technology”

The aim of the seminar was the laboratory practical application and operation of remote sensing software ENVI  using satellite data  – Environmental Remote Sensing Cartography, Department of Planning & Development, AUTH.

Scientifically responsible : P.Patias FRSE , AUTH AUTH D.Kaimaris TMX

Purpose: The acquaintance with the geographical analysis software digital images ENVI, to use the software interface and present some case of studies such as Control Analysis, Mapping Environmental Safeguards (participants attended the presentation actively exercises simplified applications and examples) .

  • Features and characteristics of digital image sensing
  • Introduction to Environmental Working ENVI
  • Spectral Trace & Classification image using SAM ( Spectral Angle Mapper )
  • Automated anomaly detection – Goals