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CIPA TG5 – Earth Observation in Cultural Heritage documentation

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Dear colleagues,

It has been a long term target for CIPA to introduce and stress the importance of CH applications to satellite/Earth Observation societies, from one hand, and on the other to convince EO societies to introduce CH applications in their agenda.

Major arguments for this target are that WH Sites nomination and their regular monitoring suffer from a major drawback due to incomplete nomination files and insufficient mapping information (and technical specifications) at proper scales, while this urgency is unfortunately underlined again and again by recent CH destructions.

CIPA Executive Board decide to establish a new Task Group on “Earth Observation in Cultural Heritage documentation” in order to integrate Earth Observation technologies in documentation of CH, while engaging multi-disciplinary societies (eg. archaeologists, architects, historians, librarians, etc) in GEO/COST/CIPA activities.

I would like to invite you to take active part in these activities, by sending back to me ( a short note with your :name, affiliation, contact details/email/website, and a few lines with your interest/expertise in the area, by end of May.

This way, we will establish a matrix of participants, contacts and expertise and plan our activities on a yearly basis.

You may also wish to consult the following websites of international related activities we plan to cooperate with :

I take this opportunity to welcome you on CIPA activities

TG5 Coordinator

Petros Patias