Open Call for participation to

CIPA TG5 – Cookbook

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Dear colleagues,

I wish to inform you about the first steps of our Task Group:

  • 19-4-2016: Official announcement of the establishment of the TG5 to CIPA Community
  • 26-4-2016: Official announcement of the establishment of the TG5 to ISPRS Community and GEO Secretariat
  • 26-4-2016: 1st Cummunique – Open call for participation to TG5
  • 23-5-2016: Announcement and Open call for participation through the ISPRS e-Bulletin #2.
  • 31-5-2016: Establishment of CIPA TG5 Website
  • xx-6-2016: Establishment of the first core group of TG5 members
  • xx-6-2016: 2nd Cummunique – Open call for participation to CIPA TG5 – Cookbook

With this Communique, I would like to invite you to:

  • Visit our new website
  • Make a free Registration in order to receive all future Communications
  • Decide to join our TG as regular member and help us advance our activities
  • Participate at the TG5 Cookbook

In the near future we schedule to develop:

  • a yearly Activities Plan,
  • an exclusive member area for exchange of information/data,
  • a regular update of the members/friends lists,
  • active links to social media,
  • a regional/national repository of good practices,
  • a strategic priority for engaging other disciplinary societies as well as less representing regions of the world.

General concept of the TG5 Cookbook:

  • The whole report will be about 50 pages
  • One editor per chapter
  • Invite also other experts to contribute
  • Only digital with e-link/downloadable from the Project website
  • Achieve sustainability (ie. beyond the project lifetime) through links to interested scientific communities.
Draft Contents of TG5 Cookbook
Chapter Topics of interest/notes ca. pages
1.    Preamble/Overview 3
2.    Literature Review – Availability of resources o   Publications

o   Test data

o   Best practices

o   Workshops/Congresses

o   Useful links to communities

3.    Tools and Technologies o   Remote Sensing

o   Aerial photography, UAV

o   Availability of free tools

o   Availability of data

o   International repositories

o   Capacity building

4.    Best practices o   National cases

o   Regional cases

o   Special cases

5.    Gaps & Bottlenecks, SWOT o   Issues well covered on regional/world level

o   Issues requiring additional work on regional/world level

o   Geographical gaps

o   Existence of common guidelines, standards etc

6.    The way ahead 2

TG5 Coordinator

Petros Patias