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Registry of the Cyprus Vineyards


Title: Registry of the Cyprus Vineyards Funding: Cyprus Research Promotion Foundation Estimated harvest grapes using Remote Sensing and GIS. Research and data collection for creating data base plots, property and loss management program. New technologies as a promotion tool of the course of the vine and wine.

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Monemvasia – GIS project application for Castles of Peloponissos


Title: Project for creation a GIS application for Castles of Peloponissos – Capturing the castle of Monemvasia This application is intended to create a Geographic Information System (GIS) that shows how and the methodology for creating thematic maps for information of scientists and the general public, providing information on the[…]

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Galerios Arch in Thessaloniki


Laser Scanner use for data processing of the Galerios Arch in Thessaloniki The arch or triumphal arch of Galerius, known today as “Kamara”. It is in its original form of an eight gate with four massive central pillars, 4 the secondary side, and as many bows low spheroidal dome. Nowadays two[…]

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Development of a system for the diagnosis and monitoring of idiopathic scoliosis using automated photogrammetric methods. Created an automated registration system diagnostics and idiopathic scoliosis cases with the use of digital images visible spectrum, that is non-hazardous, non-invasive means for the patients during the course of disease surveillance. The contribution[…]

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eMMCA – Virtual Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art


Title: Development of the virtual museum of MMCA (Museum of Contemporary Art, Thessaloniki, Greece) The virtual museum is accessible via the internet by providing a collection of digital objects that are logically connected to each other and reproduce traditional communication and inter-activity methods with the guests according to their needs[…]

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