Monemvasia – GIS project application for Castles of Peloponissos

Title: Project for creation a GIS application for Castles of Peloponissos – Capturing the castle of Monemvasia

This application is intended to create a Geographic Information System (GIS) that shows how and the methodology for creating thematic maps for information of scientists and the general public, providing information on the castles located in the Peloponnese. This information is related to historical castles, data on the structure and particular characteristics and media listed in each castle.

The Peloponnese castles which created the GIS are:

  • Acronafplia (Nafplio)
  • Bourtzi (Nafplio)
  • Palamidi (Nafplio)
  • Monemvasia (Monemvasia)
  • Pan (pan Verde)
  • Koroni (Koroni)