3D Laser Scanner

Mobile Mapping system

How it works A complete solution for data collection with the laser data acquisition method, the photogrammetric 3D and data processing with stereoscopic 3D GIS interface for fast data collection. The system uses the latest laser scanner technology, cameras, odometer, inertial and satellite navigation. It is a very quick and[…]

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Galerios Arch in Thessaloniki

Laser Scanner use for data processing of the Galerios Arch in Thessaloniki The arch or triumphal arch of Galerius, known today as “Kamara”. It is in its original form of an eight gate with four massive central pillars, 4 the secondary side, and as many bows low spheroidal dome. Nowadays two[…]

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Tempe Valley – Risk management – 3D Photogrammetric Mapping

Title: Three-dimensional photogrammetric mapping eastern slope valley Tempe Funding: Egnatia Odos SA Objective: The depiction of terrain model of the region of the rocks of Tempe, which formed the basis for investigating the causes of accidents. Imprinting the slope in approximately 4 km, with an accuracy of better than 50[…]

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