Award ARISTEIA for the research program

The research project «Study, Analysis and Processing of worldview-2 satellite Imagery, for evaluating the energy efficiency of the urban area of Thessaloniki, Greece», the A. Stamou, who was part of the doctoral thesis supervisor Prof.Petros Patias excelled in international contest 8-Band Research Challenge. The work was awarded to the bidder Digital-Globe[…]

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Title: A Geographical Information System for the management of forest data MED Funding Description: Land uses in forest districts and digital terrain model, according to forest species, meteo data, fire brigades navigation, forest management  and water supplies.

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Title: PROFORBIOMED The PROFORBIOMED project is a strategic MED project under the transational European Territorial Cooperation programme, that meets the objective 2.2. : “Promoting renewable energy and improving energy efficiency.” The project is linked to the promotion of the use of renewable energies by the development of an integrated strategy for the use[…]

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